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Our objective is a clean and intact environment. Through its closed recycling, Batrec guarantees the environmentally-friendly processing and retrieval of hazardous waste and thus makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

It is also because of these high environmental standards that many other countries are interested in battery recycling by Batrec in Switzerland, despite higher processing costs. In this way old batteries have been and still are imported from other countries into Switzerland and recycled at Batrec.

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Batrec technology stands out from other well-known technologies through one crucial point: the processing of toxic substances. Other well-known procedures cannot ensure that toxic substances do not end up on products, ancillary products or residual waste in the environment. This can cause ecological damage and be harmful to health, with significant follow-up costs.


The best safety possible is the foundation of daily work at Batrec. Through the correct use of safety guidelines and protective equipment as well as deliberate work, damage can be prevented. It is important to be ready for any emergency, so that we can react to such an event in a correct and professional manner. All Batrec employees are continuously trained and coached in the area of safety. The safety system is regularly tested and, where necessary, modified. Periodical drills serve to keep knowledge current and test the ability of employees to collectively react appropriately.

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Batrec is obliged to constantly improve the safety and environmental performance. All necessary and possible measures are continuously taken to reduce the risk of accidents and emissions that are harmful to health. One of Batrec’s objective is the greatest possible product safety.