Waste transport and logistics .

BATREC offers you its hazardous waste transport services from your site to ours in Switzerland. We are experts in international laws for the transport of special waste.

The regulations

When transporting dangerous goods it is necessary to understand 2 main aspects: the regulations related to packaging according to the means of transport (land, air and sea) and the authorisations of carriers to transport in the territories. When the notification request is submitted to the authorities, one of the annexes sets out the route of the waste as from the site of the exporter up to the receiver, the carriers chosen for each leg must have the correct authorisations. The exporter must pack his waste by applying the code relating to the means of transport, in particular with respect to labeling.

Our expertise

Based on the 3 international codes for the transport of dangerous goods, BATREC assists you in choosing the appropriate packaging for your waste. Our QSE team is at your disposal to detail the different labelling of each type of packaging and sea containers (if applicable). The choice of packaging is therefore dependent on our technical site needs and the regulations in force. In our case studies, you will find details on the type of packaging used depending on the waste. Our expert teams are always at your disposal.


We offer you a close up on the 3 transport codes governing our activities.

  1. the European agreement on the international transport of dangerous goods by road, commonly known as ADR, regulates the road transport of dangerous goods;
  2. the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code known as IMDG covers transport by sea;
  3. the code developed by the International Air Transport Association called IATA regulates air transport.