Transbondary movements of hazardous wastes.

The international treaty, the Basel Convention on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous waste describes the administrative steps to follow to be able to transport this waste between countries.


In June 1987, under a joint proposal from Switzerland and Hungary, the UNEP Governing Council directed the Executive Director to establish a working group to develop a global convention on the control of movements of hazardous wastes. Based on the work carried out by the Program and by other national, regional and international bodies, approved by the United Nations General Assembly and by all parties (166 signatory states), the Convention entered into force in 1992.

Our expertise

Based on the Basel Convention, any transboundary transport of hazardous wastes for recovery or disposal must be carried out under notification permit. The preparation of this permit application generally contains 10 annexes which must first be presented to the environmental authorities of the exporting country. They will then communicate directly with the transit and import authorities to obtain their consent. BATREC supports you in the preparation of these annexes and in obtaining the various consents. Our expert teams are at your disposal to explain the overall process to you.