Project management.

Not only is BATREC a hazardous industrial waste recovery center but also a capable partner in several areas: transport, administrative management and packaging. Here are details of our capabilities:

Project management

An strong experience…

Since BATREC was founded, our years of customer service experience has taught us that the producers or collectors of waste are looking for a global solution to support them at all levels. Services such as packaging, meeting the criteria of ADR or the administrative management of transport of hazardous waste between different countries. Through our network of transport partners we are able to offer a “door to door” solution from the site generating the waste to our treatment facility in Switzerland. your service

BATREC has carried out a wide range of projects throughout the world involving different types of mercury waste, activated carbon, mercury absorbents and batteries. To illustrate our global expertise, we provide the following case studies. Below you can find PDFs of several projects analysing the challenges encountered as well as the solutions provided by our technical and commercial teams. The document library is classified by region of the world and type of waste.

manutention mercure