Treatment of mercury-contaminated waste.

Some sites around the world may be contaminated with mercury due to their past activities. BATREC offers management of these contaminated wastes ( such as sludge, soil, activated carbon, etc.)

Treat mercury-contaminted sites

mercury sludge

Following the decontamination of an industrial site, such as a chlor-alkali plant, residual materials can still be contaminated with mercury. BATREC offers a treatment solution that respects the environment as well as the Minamata Convention. Waste such as sludge and soils are processed at our facility to extract mercury in several stages. At the end of this process, the recovered mercury is stabilised.

BATREC has developed a process to stabilise mercury into a non-toxic compound: mercury sulfide (HgS) which will be transferred to permant diposal in a salt mine. Our stabilisation is carried out with a wet physiochemical process. Our facility allows us to stabilise up to 1’200 tonnes of mercury per year. Contaminated PPE generated by these decontamination works is incinerated in our pyrolysis plant.