Treatment of mercury wastes.

Mercury can also be found in everyday objects such as lamps, thermometers, button batteries. To protect people and the environment, waste containing mercury must be treated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

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These mercury-added products are generally collected by local authorities and then sent to BATREC for disposal, in accordance with the environmental laws in force. Some sites that used this metal in their process may nowadays need to decomission their site contaminated with mercury; in paticular the soil.

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Whatever the type of waste contaminated with mercury, BATREC has implemented an environmentally friendly treatment: distillation of the waste to recover of mercury in metallic form, usually followed by stabilisation of the liqiud mercury. In certain cases the mercury may be recycled in accordance with the Minamata Convention.

products containing mercury treatment

Focus on the process

Here is the flowsheet of our distillation unit for mercury waste, a wet process limiting gaseous Hg emissions; followed by the unit for stabilisation of Hg into HgS.

Different types of mercury waste