Disposal of mercury.

BATREC participates in the phase-out of mercury by stabilising it into mercury sulphide, using a sulfur stabilisation solution, which will then be stored in a sustainable manner.

A global solution...

In the era of clean technology and corporate responsibility, mercury presents a huge challenge to industries worldwide. BATREC has developed a solution to stabilise metallic mercury for safe and sutainable disposal.

... by physiochemical treatment

BATREC stabilises metalic mercury (Hg) to mercury sulfide (HgS) for permanent disposal in a salt mine. The processis carried out using a stabilising solution in which the liquid mercury is mixed. Cinnabar is the safe, most stable, and least soluble form of mercury.

Focus on the process

Here is the flowsheet of our stabilisation unit: the mercury (Hg), the stabilisation solution (S) giving the final product which is cinnabar (HgS).