Treatment of mercury absorbents.

Mercury absorbents are used in chemical and petrochemical processes to purify gases. BATREC offers its recycling services to be able to return them back into the industrial cycle as raw materials.

A problem...

In order to purify or recycle the gases, metal sulphide absorbents are placed in oil and gas installations in order to clean the natural gas from residual traces of mercury. Also, mercury may be a threat to these installations. Today, we can recycle the metals contained in these absorbents.

... a BATREC solution

Batrec offers a unique process capable of decontaminating mercury absorbents. The mercury extracted is stabilised and the clean absorbents are recycled: either by recovery of Cu and Zn or reactivation of the activated carbon. These products will therefore be returned into industrial processes to ensure a closed loop.

Focus on the process

Here is the flowsheet of our reactivation unit including the thermal treatment step, the wet off-gas treatment process and finally the dry off-gas treatment step.