Mercury treatment

Mercury is present in many industries including oil & gas and non-ferrous metal industry (zinc, etc.). BATREC contributes to the progressive global removal of mercury by treating all types of mercury waste; rendering them safe in an environmentally friendly and sound way in compliance with international legislation.


Our missions

Regulatory context

The main objective of the Minamata Convention is to phase out the use of mercury in industrial processes and products as well as to control mercury emissions into the atmosphere.

Mercury diposal

BATREC contributes to the elimination of mercury by transforming it through a physiochemical process into mercury sulphide, which can then be safely disposed of.

Mercury absorbents

Mercury absorbents are used in chemical and petrochemical processes to purify gases. BATREC offers its recycling services to be able to return them back into the industrial cycle as raw materials.


Mercury can also be found in everyday objects such as lamps, thermometers, button batteries. To protect people and the environment, waste containing mercury must be treated in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

The different types of mercury waste