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About us


Who are we?

Our expertise: Waste becomes a resource

Batrec Industrie AG (PLC) is a globally active recycling company with premises in Wimmis (Switzerland) that specialises in the economical, environmentally-friendly and sustainable disposal of hazardous waste, in particular batteries and mercury. The highest quality, safety and environmental standards are central to our work.

Batrec Industrie AG is the only firm to globally develop a system that completely isolates both the dangerous toxic substances from old batteries as well as the metal substances in a closed circuit and rework these into high-value products. Hazardous waste is turned into valuable resources that can be returned to production circulation. This circulation guarantees sustainable processing with the resources, does not cause large amounts of pollution and is used as a reference worldwide.

Our Ambition: We connect economics and ecology

Batrec Industrie AG aspires to connect economics with ecology. Our objective is to provide the best possible economic and environmentally sound disposal and recycling of hazardous waste with metal content in the service of our customers and the environment.

Cooperation with our customers is a transparent partnership. We are mindful of the health and safety of our employees. The protection of the environment is our highest priority.

Our ambitions in the area of safety and environment have resulted in measurable results. Batrec Industrie AG is certified according to the ISO Standards 9001 and 14001 (Quality and environment) as well as OHSAS 18001 (Safety).

Our pursuit of the highest qualities requires continuous innovation in research, development and implementation.

Our quality: The cleanest solution for your hazardous waste

Batrec Industry AG has worked in the field of hazardous waste processing since 1992 and is a global pioneer in dealing with toxic substances and the disposal of heavy metals.

Batrec technology stands out from other well-known technologies in the processing of toxic materials, in particular, poisonous mercury. Currently, there is no known comparable technology available.

We do not rest on our previous achievements. The knowledge and experience we have accumulated since starting up our company form the basis for continuous and ongoing development.

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Our policies

  • Our business partner’s trust is important to us.
  • We want motivated employees and fair employers.
  • The protection of the environment, as well as the health and safety of our employees, is important to us.
  • We fulfil the quality requirements stipulated.
  • We strive for continuous and sustainable further development.
Batrec Vision



Batrec has self-engineered its own unit for the stabilisation of mercury into HgS. With an annual capacity of 1.200T, Batrec operates the biggest plant of its kind worldwide.


Batrec is under the management of SARP Industries within the Veolia Group. SARP Industries specialises on the recycling of hazardous waste companies within the Veolia Group.


The start of processing spent catalysts and active carbon.


Installation of the new, more efficient and larger electric arc furnaces. In November: The start of construction of production lines and warehouse for spent catalysts and active carbon.


Construction of a new furnace for the processing of catalysts from the oil and gas industry (spent catalysts).


Batrec Industrie AG becomes a member of the Veolia Environnement Groupe.


The company builds its own, larger mercury distillery: The ongoing improvements to the coping processes allow a reduction in the cost of processing for old batteries from Switzerland. For the consumer, this means a reduction of the advance disposal fee (VEG).


Amalgamation with several disposal and recycling companies into R.E.V.-ONIX Schweiz (Switzerland) AG.


Capacity expansion through the construction of a second pyrolysis line, a new gaseous effluent line and a new control system.


The Batrec procedure for lithium battery recycling is patented and brought from its experimental phase into regular operation.


Certification of entire operation according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (environment and quality).


Construction of the second mercury distillery.


Merger with Recymet.


Construction of the first mercury distillation plant.


Commission of the first recycling plant for old batteries in the world by the Japanese firm Sumitomo Heavy Industries.


Start of construction of operations buildings and the recycling plant in Wimmis on the powder factory site.


Establishment of Batrec Industrie AG by interested firms and district, with various cantons quickly becoming involved as shareholders or sponsors.


If there are no positions that match your profile, you also have the option to send us an unsolicited application. To do this, please e-mail your complete employment application to Arianne Neukomm today.

Arianne Neukomm

Human Resources