Battery recycling.

BATREC’s processing unit can recycle any type of cell and battery. Alkaline, Zn-air, Zn-C batteries as well as button batteries. In addition, we can process Lithium batteries (eg LiMnO2) or Li-ion batteries (Phones, E-bikes, electric vehicles, electric tools). We also accept NiMH accumulators.

The thermal process

The treatment unit works with a two-stage thermal process to recover valuable raw materials in order to put them back into the industrial cycle. First, the organic compounds in the battery (bitumen, paper, plastic) are pyrolized at up to 800°C; mercury and water are vaporized. The ferromanganese (FeMn) and the slag are then extracted and finally the zinc (Zn) is condensed.

The environment

This closed-loop allows us to conserve resources and avoid any risk to the environment. Indeed, the recycling of used batteries must be carried out according to strict environmental requirements, thus avoiding a release of harmful material into the ecosystem…

Focus on the process

Here is the flowsheet of our battery recycling unit in Switzerland including 3 processes including the thermal treatment step, the wet off-gas treatment process and finally the dry off-gas treatment step.