Recycling of batteries

In Europe, many batteries and accumulators are classified as green listed wastes whereas in Switzerland, all batteries are considered as hazardous waste. BATREC recycles metals contained in batteries, giving them a second life in industry.


Our missions

INOBAT system

In Switzerland, battery collection has been working efficiently for more than 35 years; almost 85% of all batteries placed on the market are collected and sent to BATREC thanks to the INOBAT system (figure excludes Lithium batteries). In close collaboration with INOBAT recycling of batteries is ensured in Switzerland.

Portable and consumer batteries

BATREC was originally founded to process batteries collected in Switzerland. We can process any type of cell and battery such as: alkaline cells, Zn-air, Zn-C, button cells, Lithium batteries (eg LiMnO2) Li-ion batteries (Phones, E-bikes, electric vehicles , electric tools) or even NiMH accumulators.

Button cells

Button cells may contain mercury so all countries in Europe have agreed that cross-border transport of these batteries must only authorized with a notification according to the Basel Convention.